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Ceramic Christmas Trees

Want a ceramic tree like your Grandmother used to put out, but don't have time to paint it? We can paint it for you!  We have several trees to choose from.  All prices include glazing, firing, plug in light and plastic pinlights.  We will paint the tree and base green only. Just hit the Order Tree button and we will paint it for you!  please allow 2-3 weeks for the tree to be ready for pick-up.


(all prices include glazing, firing and the light kit)

(A) Extra Large Tree- 16 inches, this thing is huge! $95

(B) Shelf Tree- This tree is skinny on 1 side so it can fit on a shelf or mantle. $65 (temporarily out of stock)

(C) Large Tree- 14 inches this is a very traditional tree. $75

(D) Wreath with bow- 8 inches high by 7.5 inches high. $55 (temporarily out of stock)

**trees may differ slightly from picture

Final tree pic.jpg
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